Love Letters to a Dark World



Love letters to a dark world


Like kisses on the wild earth

I know I cannot tame you –

But I have to somehow walk with you

To the bitter limits, and still sing.


Your unhealthy roots run everywhere,

Though only a few heads pop up

To stare at us, as if we didn’t know

You are too cold for guilt.


In all the countries there is only

One plant devouring everything.

Your mouth is in all the papers

Throughout history.


Your fingers are always counting

Money and might against lives.

You think you are cucumber cool

But that flesh turns quickly mushy.


When its time is up, it can’t stand firm

No matter how you may depend on ego.

There is stronger stuff beneath us

And within our peasant hearts,


Believe that this is the time to dance

As we approach the edges of our universe –

And we shall all spin

With those crazy kisses stinging.

Kisses for a wild abundant earth


I know you are wild

Beyond even my dreams,

Springing unbounded

From the vast well,


But I’d like to send you kisses

For the soft flesh inside your mouth

As you speak to us

In carpets of bright flowers,


Rolling dunes, and waves.

As you breathe out, we breathe in,

And we believe the stories written

In the skies and forests.


Your jungles and mountains

Feed my heart and soul,

Allowing them to stay here

Along with my body.


Together we clamber

Amongst your profound verdigris,

Ever curious –

And astounded by your love.


You give us, and keep giving,

In your wondrous fruitfulness,

Space, and a means to live,

With all the perfect trimmings.


My blood is warmed by

The grace that this be so,

By the magic of life

That spills out and overflows.


So please accept my kisses

As a small exchange,

A token of pure gratitude,

For all your countless gifts.

Dark earth patterns gathered


As the rain falls, we swallow

In clouds of damp earth

Where shadows flutter

Like flying leaves or moths.


Puddles beneath lampposts

Are like eyes to the moon

Where the tides gather

Together the feelings of night,


But the stars remind us

Of patterns beyond our lives,

Rotating despite our moods

Of fleeting dark and light,


Until a rustling

In the hedges quickens

Our half-stalled hearts to fright,

Then relief, as a cat pops out.


Patterns of cat’s eyes

And starred puddles return

With us and enter our dreams

As we seem to travel


Endlessly on beneath

Unlit lampposts lining

Streets that go all the way round

The dark earth, and out


Into the universe,

Trying to reach those stars,

Calling us somehow from sleep

Into consciousness.


[The cat’s the joker in the pack,

Of course, but see how we

Integrate the fear and joy

Into the shadow story –


Take it all into one

Big sweep of dream state

That is quite negative,

Yet ever hopeful.]

The Larger Things

I love music and laughter and dancing

But silence is more important.

I love people and how our minds work

But nature is more important.

Let me drink from the beauty provided,

Let me learn from the depths of the well,

Let me travel in the widest spaces,

And sleep in the mystery, still.

to nurture you




Julia has had many books of poetry published, and has worked around the UK and abroad
in schools and festivals etc, and on radio and TV.

Professional Poet
(includes demo readings)

She is involved with Poetry, Art, Creative/Spiritual/Environmental Networking,
and is also a Therapist.






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